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The healthcare and diagnostics industry must continuously learn, innovate, and evolve – the industry must constantly keep pace with the changing technologies, discoveries, and best practices – education and learning are a life-long process.

TIDE is a platform that focuses on the developments that impact the diagnostics industry – it covers technological as well as policy matters, emerging trends, opportunities, research, and road-blocks – in a quest to create awareness amongst all the stakeholders and empower the country.

TIDE addresses stakeholders and specialists of the industry, be it from IVD, POCT, Molecular Diagnostics, R&D or end-users. Key industry and segment thought-leaders are ear-marked to speak and share their insights in a bid to look at ways and means of negating the effects of these extremely havoc-creating diseases. The broader aim of TIDE is to catalyse revolutionary changes in the Indian diagnostics space, by making diagnostics solutions more accessible and affordable for the masses, thereby playing a key role in the government’s mission of Swasth Bharat, Shreshth Bharat!

The global healthcare focus is shifting from treatment & cure to prevention & early detection. Diagnosis of patient has always remained a challenge for the medical fraternity and the quest to know more has benefitted with the development of novel ideas and technologies over the centuries.

TIDE is an initiative of J Mitra & Company​

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